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Looking for my IT services?

This website has changed its purpose – it’s now just a personal website to showcase some of my other interests as well as serving as an online resume for anybody interested in working with me outside of my company.

If you’re interested in my Web or other IT services, this can now be found on my company’s website.

Independent IT Professional • Photographer • Musician

Alister Brenton

Hi, you’ve landed in the slightly more laid back bit! Welcome, take a seat and relax and all that… This domain used to showcase my web design work, but that’s all moved over to my company Jötnar Systems now. I put this site up because I’ve still got a domain kicking around, and I thought I’d do something productive with it and finally hop on the “personal website” train even though it stopped being cool back in 2004.


My Experience

Helping businesses of all sizes make effective use of technology

With over 11 years of industry experience working in a diverse variety of disciplines from tech support to software design and development, I have a hands-on experience of how technology is applied in all aspects of business.

I live for the technical challenge, and I pride myself on developing future-proof, elegant solutions to problems I am presented with – for example, an invoicing system I developed in 2010 remained in full-time use until the company’s eventual acquisition 9 years later.


Jötnar Systems

Managing Director

Jötnar Systems specialises in providing solutions encompassing the entire IT spectrum from basic Web services to telephony and ERP solutions.


igloo Healthcare

Consultant Developer

Developed a bespoke invoicing system to save a significant amount of admin overhead among Igloo’s clients.



Designed and developed web based CRM system with Asterisk VoIP integration, along with iOS app to integrate with proprietary SMS backend.


3rd Line Support

3rd line support technician for the UK’s #1 residential lettings portal.


Awards & Education


Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Practical skills in digital and wet-film photography, visual art history, semiotics and visual design concepts.


Bridgend College

Music Practice

Practical instrumental skills, business development and team building, project planning and management techniques, audiovisual recording and production.